What this blog is all about and how it can help you gain self-sufficiency and become a strategic entrepreneur in this Brave New World:

Deb Bauer’s Blog provides resources and reviews of Internet Marketing Training,  Personal Development Programs and Successful Living Srategies. By including successful living strategies, you’ll find a wider range of resources.

4-Hands Hold the World
4-Hands Hold the World

We humans live together on this lifeboat called “Earth,” for better or worse – as it is the only physical home we have.  The science fiction story-lines about large spaceships transporting people to other star systems to make a new home are just that:  science fiction. So it is vital that we develop and maintain ways to operate in a conscious, responsible manner.

In taking care of our internal health, including the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects lays the foundation for lasting change. Those relationships, including the one with our Creator ARE the foundations to our growth, peace and stability that we so intensely need.  Recognizing how to operate our own systems as they are designed to function and not allow our past expectations or experiences to run us, can help to face forward to create our compelling futures.

The one thing we can count on is change –  Our way of life is changing dramatically and no matter what age you are, there are advantages  and special challenges in them all. Those who are close to retirement age and who are no longer employed, or who have taken a large hit on their retirement funds are having to unexpectedly create ways to live now and for the future. The younger generations are taking longer to live on their own and find themselves wondering if the career they will end up in has even been invented yet.

The commonalities we all share are the six human needs:

1)  The need for certainty

2).  The need for uncertainty (variety)

3).  The need for significance

4).  The need for connection and love

5).  The need to contribute

6).  The need to grow

There are also the survival needs –

  • wholesome, healthy food
  • clean water
  • secure, comfortable home base
  • peaceful surroundings

These all help create  security and a rich life.

There is a movement towards independence and  self-sufficiency where people are embracing creativity and innovation in order to provide for themselves.

So, what are some strategies that we can use to improve our lives  with little or no expense?

  • Bartering is becoming more common and can be a way of trading stuff you don’t need for stuff you do.
  • One action that can help significantly is to  grow at least a portion of one’s  food, choosing organic, non-hybrid seeds.  This way, seeds from your crops can be saved for the following year, and so on. Hybrid seeds (which are what most of the garden seeds are)  do not produce reliable seeds for replanting.
  • One other note, hybrid seeds many times can produce hardy plants that may be specially bred to have less diseases.  Also, note that hybrid seeds are NOT the same as genetically modified.
  • If you don’t have a green thumb, many communities are offering classes in how to grow vegetables, how to cook and can,  and other domestic activities that have not been widely practiced for many years. These are great activities to share and learn together.
  • Forming a network of like-minded individuals as a master-mind group.
  • Giving back to the community – whether time commitment  or other resources.
  • Stay grateful for what you do have and the source of all supply.
  • Here, you’ll find definitions explaining the main types of internet marketing – (there are many, many ways to use the internet in business).  The recession has been an economic equalizer for many people and finding ways to restore what has been lost is a challenge for many.
  • Finding and focusing on one home based business model at a time to get the best results (translated – the quickest path to income).

So, this blog is dedicated to those who are looking for information on how to quickly build an internet marketing business and help you substantially shorten the learning curve in doing it. Is this an overnight happening? Absolutely NOT. BUT it is possible to create part time or even a full time income by choosing an online marketing system, learning it well and then taking action.

It is also dedicated to those wanting to play the pioneer and explore other food sources besides the grocery store.

You’ll find reviews of various  resources to help you

  • create a compelling future
  • work at home ideas that don’t involve stuffing envelopes
  • retirement and financial strategies
  • thrifty tips
  • how to grow your favorite vegetables and fruit

–all with the idea of shortening the learning curve and help present solid options for today’s mature strategic  entrepreneur.

I find we have far more in common than differences and  finding a way to help the  pendulum to swing from dependency to self-sufficiency is my passion.

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Deb Bauer

PS I’ll be adding more resources in the next few days.. Thanks for your patience!